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Can you freeze mushrooms?

Yes! You absolutely can freeze mushrooms and it is so easy! Although, you do not want to freeze fresh mushrooms as they are 95% water and will turn into mush when you thaw them out.

In just a few simple steps you can freeze sliced mushrooms that will last in your freezer for up to 6 months! This goes for all types of mushrooms!

If you see a good sale on your favorite mushrooms like baby bellas or you have some already that you know are going to go bad before you can use them, this is an easy way to save them so they don’t go to waste.

preparing mushrooms for freezing

How to freeze mushrooms

This is the best way to freeze your mushrooms, just follow the steps. If you are not a big fan there are mushroom substitutes.

1. Cleaning the mushrooms

When you clean your mushrooms you want to gently brush off all of the dirt on them with a paper towel or napkin.

You never want to wash your mushrooms with water as they are like sponges and will just absorb the water. This is my personal preference.

Some people do not go without washing, if this is you then fill a bowl with water and dump the mushrooms in and give them a quick rinse.

2. Cooking before freezing

It is a great idea to cook your mushrooms prior to freezing them so that they don’t get freezer burned and turn into mush during the thaw.

In just 4 quick and simple cooking steps you will have frozen mushrooms for your next recipe ready to go.

  • Wash your mushrooms by gently brushing off the dirt
  • Slice the mushrooms about 1/2 inch across making about 4 slices each mushroom.
  • Sautee with olive oil and a little salt and pepper (optional, I like it to add flavor later) Only sauté for about 10 minutes only flipping them once for the best results. I have post on how to sauté mushrooms and onions you should check out for the proper technique.
  • Once they are cooled lay them flat on a baking sheet and freeze for about 30 minutes. Use a spatula to get them off the baking sheet and store them in a freezer-safe container.

Voila! See how easy that was! Now, you have deliciously sautéed mushrooms that you can add to your next dish!

Because you froze them flat on the baking sheet they are frozen individually so you can easily grab as many or as few mushrooms as you need for your recipe.

What to store mushrooms in when freezing

You want to make sure to use a freezer-safe container to store your frozen mushrooms. This will prevent them from getting freezer burn and will also help them last longer in the freezer.

Freezer bags or freezer-safe glass containers with tight locking lids are great for storing these in your freezer.

If you have a Food Saver vacuum sealer, those are great too because they reduce the moisture left in the container and that will help prevent freezer burn also. Before you freeze them make sure your mushrooms have not gone bad.

How to defrost frozen mushrooms

To defrost frozen mushrooms you can do it a few different ways. You add them straight into your recipe frozen and they will thaw out while cooking in the dish.

They are already cooked so they just need a few minutes to thaw and then let some of the moisture released out of the mushrooms.

You can also thaw them in the refrigerator for an hour or two. Sometimes I just leave them out of the counter to thaw while I am getting the dish started and then add them in.

Other ways to preserve mushrooms

There are a couple of other ways that you can preserve mushrooms. If you have an abundance of them and you are stuck on how to use them up you can make dried mushrooms or pickled mushrooms.

Drying mushrooms

Drying or dehydrating is a really simple way to preserve your mushrooms. It is most common to do this in an oven but you need an oven that can go to a very low temperature.

Drying them enhances the flavor and can be added to any dish just as you would in any recipe that calls for cooked mushrooms.

They will rehydrate and add a great flavor in soups, stir-fries, stocks, and braises.

You can use the dried mushrooms as they are and toss them into your dish or you can also turn them into a powder form and add flavor using them that way as well.

Pickling mushrooms

If you are pickling mushrooms there is a little more involved and takes a little bit longer because they have to marinate but it is still an easy process for preserving mushrooms.

These are simply boiled in the marinade and then cooled and refrigerated in a mason jar with a tight sealing lid. These last in the fridge for a good 4-6 months.

These are great as a quick little snack, added to your charcuterie boards, as a topping to your savory dish, or a side dish!

There are so many ways to use these and it is another great way to save your mushrooms before they go bad.

How do you freeze fresh mushrooms?

Freezing fresh mushrooms is a great way to preserve their flavor and texture. One easy way to freeze fresh mushrooms sauteing them and then spreading them on a tray or baking sheet lined with wax paper, then placing the mushrooms into a single layer on the tray.

Let them freeze for about 3 hours, then remove them from the tray and store them in an air-tight container.

Can I freeze raw mushrooms?

No, you should not freeze raw mushrooms. If you do you going to get mushrooms with freezer burn and they will turn to mush when they are defrosted.

Should I wash mushrooms before freezing?

No, it is not necessary to wash mushrooms before freezing them. You want to remove the soil/dirt with a paper towel or napkin. Mushrooms suck up moisture.

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