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Does Chocolate Syrup Go Bad

Let’s go over how long it can stay good for, how to store it so that it doesn’t go bad, and what spoiled chocolate syrup might look like.

Does chocolate syrup go bad? The answer is yes, eventually it will go bad. When it comes to chocolate syrup though, its shelf life can be up to 3 years if unopened and stored properly. Everything food-related has a best by or expiration date.

This all depends on the brand I would check the label.

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How long does chocolate syrup last?

I know when I buy chocolate syrup it is usually for a particular dessert or to make chocolate milk but we do not use it often so it ends up sitting in the fridge for a long time. It never seems to go bad so how long can I keep it?

Although the USDA recommends going by the best by or expiration date, if your chocolate syrup is unopened it will last you upwards of 2-3 years if it is stored correctly which we will get into further down.

Even opened syrup can last 1-2 years if kept in the refrigerator. Always go bye the date on the product.

Why chocolate syrup lasts for so long

Typical chocolate syrup is made up of cocoa, corn syrup, and water. All three of those things have long shelf lives. The elements in which it is stored will help in the longevity of your syrup.

The quality of the chocolate syrup inevitably decreases as time goes on or when it is not stored properly.

How to store unopened chocolate syrup

An unopened bottle of chocolate syrup should be stored in a cool dark environment for it to last to the expiration date or even longer. If it is left in the sun or in a warm place the ingredients will start to break down much faster.

You should be able to get a good 2-3 years past the best by date if you follow the correct storage practices.

Bear in mind that the USDA puts best by dates and expiration dates on the bottles to ensure that the product is safe to consume and the quality is still good. So the best practice is to be mindful of the date on the bottle.

How to store chocolate syrup that has been opened

Once you have opened the bottle of chocolate syrup you want to make sure to store it in the refrigerator. It will last you 1-2 years IF stored properly.

Now that other contaminants have been introduced to the bottle since it was opened, you want to keep them at bay by keeping it cool.

Leaving it out even at room temperature once it has been opened makes for a breeding feast for bacteria.

Signs that chocolate syrup has spoiled

As I said, everything food-related goes bad eventually, even chocolate syrup. It might take years but eventually, it will have spoiled and not be safe to eat.

Three important things to look at are the color, smell and texture.

The chocolate syrup should be a nice dark brown color. If you notice that it is light brown or multicolored, it’s safe to say that it has gone bad.

There should be no rancid smell at all. If it doesn’t smell sweet and chocolatey, toss that bottle and get a new one, trust me you do not want to risk it.

Lastly, the chocolate syrup should be smooth. If it looks lumpy or separated then that’s a good sign it is spoiled.


It is safe to say that chocolate syrup has a pretty long shelf life given the ingredients and the best by date on the bottle. The USDA puts the best by date on the bottle as a recommended date that the quality is ensured to be good.

After that date doesn’t mean that you can no longer use it just be sure that you have stored it properly and looked it over for signs of spoilage.

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