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Does Garlic Powder Go Bad

Garlic powder is one of those ingredients that just about everyone has in their spice racks. If you don’t cook much at home you may be asking yourself, does garlic powder go bad?

It doesn’t have an expiration date on it but over time it will lose its flavor and intensity so yes, garlic powder does go bad eventually.

Does garlic powder go bad? Yes, garlic powder can go bad. Garlic powder doesn’t necessarily expire or spoil but the smell and flavor of the garlic powder will become weak and that is when you will want to throw it away.

Ways to tell if your garlic powder has gone bad

Dehydrating garlic and then grinding it into a granular form is the process by which garlic powder is made. Because it is dehydrated it is almost impossible for bacteria to grow on it and make it moldy or spoil.

What about cloves of garlic? Check out how to tell if garlic is bad.

Garlic powder can last anywhere from 3-4 years if stored in a cool dark and dry place. The pantry or cupboard are great places to store your garlic powder.

Manufacturers put a best-by date on the containers so that you are ensured that the quality of the garlic powder will be at its best before that date.

After the best-by date, garlic powder becomes less potent and can ruin a dish. So here are a few tips to tell if your garlic powder has gone bad.

If you rub a little garlic powder into the palm of your hand. Give it a sniff and taste a little and see if it is still potent.

When garlic powder loses its smell and flavor it has gone bad but it also won’t harm you in any way if you eat it.

Do all these things below if you cutting fresh garlic also test before you cut your garlic.

1. Smell test

If you smell the garlic powder and it doesn’t give you that strong aroma of garlic then it might be time to throw it away and get a new one.

2. Taste

Putting a little bit of the powder on your tongue will give you an idea of its potency. When garlic powder goes bad it loses flavor which will, in turn, make your dish lack flavor as well.

It’s not that it has gone bad and will make you sick but it doesn’t serve its purpose any longer.

3. Rub test

I mentioned this method above and it includes the smell and taste test as well but if you rub a little bit in the palm of your hand it allows for the granules to be rubbed together a little to truly be able to tell if the smells and flavors are still there.

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