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How To Store Kiwi

The best way to store kiwi fruit is in the refrigerator. You want to add it to the coldest part of the fridge. A lot of refrigerators have a crisper drawer and this is a great place, you are looking for a temperature around 37Ā° F.

You can alternatively store kiwi in the freezer but it can come out mushy when you defrost it.

kiwi in a bowl

How To Store Kiwi In The Refrigerator

To know if your Kiwi is ripe or not you want to give it a gentle squeeze like you would if you were checking an avocado. You are looking for it to have a little give.

If you want them to last you longer than a week or so then you can buy them more firm and ripen them when you are ready.

They will ripen in the refrigerator but it will be a much slower process which allows them to last 4-6 weeks kept in the fridge.

If you are looking to speed up the ripening process, you want to leave the kiwi out on the counter but out of direct sunlight.

To really speed up the ripening you can put them with fruits like bananas, pears, or apples. These fruits produce ethylene which will ripen your kiwi faster.

How to choose a Kiwi for storage

When you want to store your kiwi and have it last a few weeks you will want to buy them on the firmer side and place it in a cold spot in your fridge like in the back or in the crisping drawer. The crisping drawer holds less moisture which helps things stay fresh longer.

This method will keep your Kiwi fresh for 4-6 weeks.

If your Kiwi is already ripe it will last in the fridge for up to 7 days. The refrigerator will slow down the ripening process to help keep it fresh for a few days to a week.

Place them in the crisping drawer or just on the shelf depending on how long you intend them to last.

Tips for storing kiwi

  • Storing your kiwi with fruits like bananas, apples, or pears will speed up the ripening process as they produce ethylene gas
  • Don’t wash the kiwi before you store it in the fridge because that moisture will make it spoil a lot faster. The kiwi fruit will get mushy
  • If you don’t cut or peel your kiwi before freezing then it can split open in the freezer.
  • If you need to really speed up the ripening process, place the kiwi in a paper bag with an apple, banana, or pear. The ethylene will ripen it faster.

How to store kiwi in the freezer

When you store kiwi in the freezer it is best to peel it and cut it up or mash it first. This will help with defrosting and easier to use them in the frozen state.

Make sure you wash the outside of the kiwi to get all of the bacteria and whatever else it got on it during transport. Pat it dry and then peel the kiwi.

The two best ways to freeze them is by slicing the kiwi and mashing them. They can be stored whole but they would be mushy once they were thawed out.

Storing sliced Kiwi in the freezer is as easy as slicing it into circles and then laying them on a baking sheet, freezing them, and then placing them into a freezer-safe container and storing them.

Mashed kiwi can be frozen into an ice cube tray. Simply peel it and then mash it up and put a little in each ice cube slot.

You can keep them stored in the tray but I would recommend putting them into a baggie once they are frozen to keep them from freezer burn.

Both of these methods are great for when you are making smoothies or sorbets.

Freezer vs. Refrigerator for storing kiwi Fruit

Pros and ConsFreezerRefrigerator
Can be used quicklyNoYes
storage 1- 4 weeksYesYes
storage 1- 24 weeksYesNo
can be stored slicedYesYes
can be stored in wedgesNoNo

How to store kiwi after cutting

It is important after you cut kiwi fruit to make sure you store it quickly. You want to make sure that you use an air-tight container.

The best place to store them after cutting by far is the refrigerator over the freezer. After a while, the kiwi will get pretty mushy.

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