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How to Store Onions

Onions are by far one of the most if not the most versatile ingredient in your kitchen. At least they are in my kitchen. There isn’t a meal we cook that doesn’t have onions in it.

Because we use them so often we usually buy them in bulk. The problem with buying them in bulk is that you may not get a chance to use them before they start to get soft or rot. It’s important to properly store them to keep them fresh longer.

How to store an onion is a question that is asked more than you would think. So, lets talk about how you can and should store onions to help them last longer.

It is really easy to store yellow onions, sweet onions and Vidalia if you follow these simple steps.

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How to store onions (4 steps)

Knowing where and how to store your onions will help you keep your onions fresh and lasting longer so they won’t go to waste when you buy a whole bag.

Think about where onions grow. In the ground where it is cool, dark, and dry. You want to store onions in your pantry, garage, cellar, or basement. Here are 4 important things to remember when storing your onions.

1. Cool Environment

Keeping your onions in a cool place is important so they stay fresh. An ideal temperature for storing onions is around 40-50 degrees. If the environment is humid onions will start to sprout or rot because of the moisture.

2. Well Ventilated

You want to make sure onions can breathe. Storing them in a mesh bag, steamer baskets are great places for storing yellow onions. This will keep the skin tight so that it is easy when you go to peel an onion.

Onions should never be stored in a plastic bag.

Storing onions in plastic doesn’t allow them to breathe and moisture gets trapped therefore cause them to sprout, get soft, or moldy very fast.

3. Dark space

Your panty, garage, basement, or somewhere dark and cool if best for storing onions. If you leave onions out on the counter in the sunlight they will spoil quickly.

Keeping them in a dark space helps to avoid a change in temperature. Rather than in the sun and then not in the sun. The back and forth creates moisture in the onion and like I have said moisture and onions don’t mesh well.

4. Dry place

You can probably guess by now why storing onions in a dry place is important. We want to create a dry environment for onions to keep the moisture or humidity low so they last longer.

No, you do not want o keep onions in the fridge. The best environment for onions to to keep fresh is in a dark, cool, well ventilated, dry place like your pantry, garage or basement.

If you are storing cut onions then yes you want to keep them in the fridge in a tightly-sealed container. They should last no more than a week once they are cut.

No, you never want to wash your onions before storing them. You want to make sure that you keep them very dry to prevent them from rotting.

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