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How To Tell If Goat Cheese Has Gone Bad

Good old goat cheese pairs so well with a nice glass of wine and some really good crackers. Goat cheese is a little funkier than say, cheddar cheese.

Best way to tell if Goat Cheese is spoiled


The best way to tell if goat cheese has gone bad is by the way it looks. If the cheese is moldy and looks like it is slimy then this is a good indication that the goat cheese is bad and you should not eat it. The second best way is to smell it.

goat cheese on a plate

There are a few different ways to tell if the goat cheese is off. I use these three different ways to check goat cheese before I use it. You can go ahead and taste the cheese but you might not like what you taste.

It’s key to know how to tell if cheese is bad, follow these simple steps to determine if your goat cheese is spoiled.

1. How the goat cheese smells

If you have never had goat cheese or have never smelled it you might be a little surprised.

When it comes to smell it should smell almost like a grassy farm-type smell. I know that might sound weird but goat cheese typically has more of an earthy smell.

Goat cheese is a bit funky compared to mozzarella, feta, cheddar, and brie cheeses.

If it smells moldy or musty then it could be at the stage that you do not want to eat it.

2. How the goat cheese looks

Now, cheese is known to grow mold. Does this mean that you should eat goat cheese that has mold on it? I say no… how do you know what type of mold is on it?

The best practice is if you see mold then it is a good idea to toss it. It is not worth the risk to eat cheese with mold on it.

If the cheese also looks slimy or has been left out for a long time then it is a good idea to pass on it so you don’t get a foodborne illness from it eating it.

If you grate your cheese I have some tips on how to grate cheese without a grater.

Blue cheese is similar to goat cheese and can be difficult to tell if it has spoiled or not. Check out my post that will tell you how to tell if blue cheese is bad as well as how long does feta cheese last.

How long does open goat cheese last?

It is common for goat cheese when it is stored properly in an airtight container to last 2-3 weeks. After you open the seal on the goat cheese the clock starts clicking.

If you follow the steps above you will have a really good idea of what has gone by.

How to store your goat cheese

When it comes to storing your goat cheese you want it to be refrigerated. Goat cheese should stay cool and sealed in the container it came in or another tightly sealed container.

Because it is a soft cheese like cream cheese, cottage cheese, and cheddar cheese, it is best practice to keep the cheese refrigerated.

The idea is to keep bacteria and mold growing on your cheese.

Frequently asked questions about how to tell if goat cheese has gone bad

Goat cheese should not be left out at room temperature for more than two hours. Bacterial growth can occur beyond this point, leading to spoilage.

Goat cheese can be frozen, and it may extend its life by several months. However, freezing can change the texture of goat cheese, making it more crumbly.

Consuming spoiled goat cheese can lead to foodborne illness. Signs of spoilage include a strong, off smell, changed texture, or visible mold.


In conclusion, knowing “How To Tell If Goat Cheese Has Gone Bad” is just as crucial as understanding the storage of cream cheese.

Use your senses to guide you: an off smell changed texture or visible mold are all signs of spoilage.

Correctly storing goat cheese and using it within the recommended timeframes will ensure you can safely enjoy its unique flavor. As always, the safety of your kitchen and your health is paramount.

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