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How to tell if ground turkey is bad

You can tell when ground turkey is bad really quickly if it smells funky. Really the best way to tell quickly is to smell it. If the ground turkey has a sour smell then you know to toss it. You can also tell by the color and the texture of the ground meat.

In this post we will go into detail on how to use your senses to tell if the minced meat is bad. You can also use these methods for other ground meats.

ground turkey gone bad

Top 3 ways to tell if the ground turkey is bad

I am going to cover the top 3 ways to tell if the turkey is bad. When you talk about any ground meat it is really important that it has not gone bad.

It would be a good idea to work through all 3 of these tests to determine if you should cook with the meat or not.

When you grind meat you are adding a lot more surface area and increasing the chance of bacteria being able to grab hold of the raw ground turkey. This is a key reason that you want to make sure the ground turkey has not gone bad.

You can also use this info to tell if ground beef is bad. If you are a poultry eater I also have a post on how to tell if chicken is bad that I suggest you take a look at.

1. Smell the ground turkey

Yes the smell is really is the best way to tell. You really are looking for no real smell at all.

If it has a sour smell or an off smell at all then it is best to give it a toss. We are talking about poultry and it can carry bacteria like E. coli, salmonella, and more… just like chicken.

2. Feel the minced meat

You want to feel the ground turkey. If it is slimy or really sticky then it is a good chance that it has gone bad and not the risk.

If it feels slimy and also has then smell then you have 2 reasons to not even bother cooking it.

3. The look of the ground turkey

This is probably the hardest way to tell if the ground turkey is bad. One way is to remember what it looked like when you bought it.

If it was fresh looking with a lite pink color when you bought it and now it has a dull color and not vibrant and is showing any of the other signs then that is a good idea that it is no good.

A gray color is an obvious sign that it is no good.

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How to tell if ground turkey is cooked without thermometer?

The best way without a thermometer is to make sure that the color is uniform throughout the meat. If you started with light pink color then if there is any left make sure to cook it longer.

You are typically looking for a light brownish color throughout. If you do have a thermometer then you are looking for at least 165°F and I like to cook it closer to 170°F degrees when its ground poultry or ground beef.

The meat is very lean so you really don’t want to overcook it but you do run the risk of getting food poising when it’s not fully cooked.

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