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Reheat Pizza In Air Fryer

Have you ever saved pizza from when you went out to dinner or had leftovers from frozen or homemade pizza at home, that sat in the fridge until it was thrown out?

You had good intentions when you saved it, right? You were going to reheat later but you don’t enjoy dried-out, soggy crust pizza so you never bothered reheating it.

Sound familiar? Well, I have a treat for you today. This is the simplest, fastest way that I have found that makes for great-tasting, crispy crust, leftover pizza.

Reheating leftover pizza in an air fryer is game-changing in that it gives you that crispy crust, great flavor, and doesn’t dry it out. It is also fast and there is hardly any clean-up after.

Four slices of pepperoni pizza on a black slate with 2 sprigs of rosemary laying next to them.

How To Reheat Pizza In An Air Fryer

Start by preheating your air fryer to 350°F and then prepare your pizza in your air fryer basket. Remember not to overlap the slices so that they can reheat evenly.

Put your leftover pizza slices into the air fryer for 5 minutes. Check your pizza and see if more time is needed.

As I mentioned before if you are reheating thicker slices or pizza that is fully loaded with toppings more time may be needed.

Remove from the air fryer and enjoy! Now if you don’t have an air fryer learn how to reheat pizza in an oven.


  • Preheat the air fryer to 350°F.
  • Arrange leftover pizza slices in the air fryer basket.
  • Cook the pizza for 5 minutes and add more time if needed
  • Remove from the air fryer and enjoy!

Tips To Reheating Pizza In The Air Fryer

No more wasted leftover pizza in your future after trying reheating pizza in an air fryer.

Not only do you not get that nasty soggy crust but your pizza will be brought back to life in just a few minutes and taste great.

I have a few tips for you when you are reheating pizza in an air fryer. One is that you want to always preheat the oven first. This is crucial in getting a crispy crust.

Never put pizza into a cold air fryer because your crust will soak up all the oils from the cheese and the water from the sauce as it heats up slowly and will result in a soggy crust.

You also want to make sure that you don’t overlap your slices. Some air fryers have bigger baskets than others so you may be able to reheat only 2 slices or up to six.

This all depends on the size basket you have and how big the slices of your pizza are. Make sure that they have room and don’t overlap or they won’t be able to cook evenly.

Lastly, each air fryer cooks a little differently, and depending on how thick your pizza is, how big your slices are, or even what kind of pizza you are reheating, times may vary.

For example, if you have a think crust pizza fully loaded with ground beef, pepperoni, onions, bell peppers, olives, and mushrooms it is going to take longer to reheat through all of those toppings than it would a thin crust cheese pizza slice.

Pros and Cons for Reheating Pizza in an Air Fryer


The pros of reheating pizza in an air fryer are that you won’t get that nasty soggy crust that you can get from reheating with other methods.

You also get that nicely melted cheese and bring back the slight browning on the cheese.

Another huge pro of using the air fryer to reheat your pizza leftovers is that it is super fast and easy to do.

It only takes a couple of minutes and is as easy as turning on the air fryer and adding the pizza, no messy clean-up to boot.


There aren’t many cons to reheating pizza in an air fryer but one might be that you have a small air fryer and you can only reheat 1-2 slices at a time.

If you have an air fryer oven or a toaster oven with an air fryer then you probably won’t have this problem but if you have one of the smaller air fryers you might have to reheat in batches when reheating more than 2 slices.


Should I use aluminum foil with reheating pizza in an air fryer?

No, the aluminum foil should not be used when you are reheating pizza in the air fryer as it will block the air from moving around and you won’t get a crispy crust.

How long does it take to reheat pizza in an air fryer?

Typically it should take you about 5 minutes to reheat leftover pizza in an air fryer. Depending on the thickness of your slices and the number of toppings you may need to add a few extra minutes.

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