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What to serve with beef stew

So, what to serve with beef stew? As if the beef stew isn’t hearty enough on its own, for some reason starchy foods marry so well with stews.

One of the best comfort foods throughout fall and winter, beef stew is great on its own but in order to really make it a meal you are wondering what to serve with it.

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Best Sides to serve with beef stew

Here is a list of sides that I have come up with on what to serve with a dutch oven beef stew recipe. One thing to consider is how thick and hearty a beef stew can be, so I want a refreshing side to add.

I also have a great tip on how to thicken beef stew if your stew ended up to runny.

1. Garden salad

You can’t ever go wrong with a garden salad to start a meal. It’s light, refreshing, and won’t fill you up before you get to the main course. Or in this case, the beef stew.

Fresh crisp greens with a few tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, and carrots is a simple garden salad that can be thrown together in minutes.

2. French bread

Freshly baked French bread is amazing served with beef stew. Its crunchy crust and soft airy inside, with a slab of butter, make for great dipping in a stew.

The bread soaks up all of the amazing flavors like a sponge and adds a crunch to every bite making an extraordinary combo. You are sure to have a full happy belly at the end of this meal.

3. Brown rice

Serving beef stew with a side of nutty brown rice ensures that you will walk away from the table full and satisfied with taking away from the main delight.

Brown rice is easy to make and just adding a few seasonings to it complements the savory flavors of beef stew nicely. Here is a recipe for cooking perfect rice every time.

4. Mashed potatoes

Think meat and potatoes! Of course, these mesh together well! Creamy mashed potatoes served with beef stew are a perfect pairing.

Fold in some sour cream, butter, and garlic salt and you will have delightful and silky potatoes to accompany your beef stew.

You can always substitute your typical russet potatoes for sweet potatoes or even mashed cauliflower if you are looking for a healthier twist.

5. Dinner rolls

These buttery soft and simply delish rolls warmed right out of the oven are amazing with any stew. You can bet your buns that everyone will enjoy these served with your beef stew.

Dinner rolls will soak up the stew and add in a little sweetness. Although they won’t soak up as much as a French baguette would, you will really enjoy the sweet flavor they add to every bite.

6. Texas Toast Garlic Bread

Talk about a rich taste to add to your beef stew recipe! The garlic and butter is something you can not deny with a recipe like beef stew!

I have an amazing texas toast recipe that you will absolutely enjoy!

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