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What to Serve with Lasagna

What to serve with lasagna is a commonly asked question. Because of its heaviness, lots of people serve it by itself. Here we are going to go over the 5 best things to serve with lasagna to make it a complete and well-round meal.

Typically with a heavy dish like lasagna you want to complement it with something more on the lighter side. It is filling enough by itself but also needs something to go with it to make it a meal.

lasagna in a pan

5 best sides to go with lasagna

1. Salad

A nice refreshing salad pairs nicely with lasagna. They are light and easy to throw together to make a complete meal. There are so many varieties of salads to choose from that I listed my top 3 go-to salads to serve with lasagna

Paired with any meaty dinners they offer that light fresh start to a more robust dinner.


The freshness of the lettuce and veggies of a garden salad adds a nice balance to a meaty and cheesy dinner. Drizzle on some zesty Italian dressing and you have all the flavors to make a delicious Italian dinner.

Before you pair it with that delicious salad if you reheat lasagna make sure the salad is made beforehand. You don’t want to reheat lasagna two times.

Caesar salad

Caesar salad is also great with lasagna. It’s creamy, peppery dressing, parmesan cheese, and crunch from the croutons complement lasagna perfectly.

This iconic salad is easy to prepare and who doesn’t love a classic Caesar salad? Making your croutons from scratch will really step up your Caesar salad game.

The best thing to serve with this caesar salad is my lasagna recipe.

Wedge salad

Wedge salads are quick to throw together and make for a great start to a lasagna dinner. They are refreshing, crisp, and include so many delicious flavors.

The perfect wedge salad includes a wedge of crisp iceberg lettuce, slathered in a creamy blue cheese dressing and topped with fresh diced tomatoes, red onions, and bacon crumbles.

2. Garlic bread

Anything with a red sauce goes especially well with garlic bread. The garlic butter and the crispy bread add a crunch that you wouldn’t otherwise get when you are eating lasagna.

I love a good homemade Texas toast. The thick bread allows for the inside of the bread to be light and airy but the outside gives you that buttery crunch.

3. Brussels sprouts

Properly roasted Brussels sprouts are amazing! If cooked correctly, you will get a crispy, nutty, sweet taste that goes great with lasagna.

The key to amazing brussels sprouts is cooking them with lots of garlic and prosciutto. Also, make sure that you roast them long enough to get a good brown caramelization on them.

Wow, are these delicious with lasagna? There is something about the sweetness and nutty flavors that make them mesh together in their flavors. I have a great post on how to cut brussel sprouts.

4. Broccoli

Broccoli can accompany just about any entrée. It’s light, juicy, and easy to steam, roast, or sauté quickly if you are in a pinch or time crunch.

With lasagna being so hearty on its own, broccoli adds a refreshing lightness to it without taking away from the amazing Italian flavors.

If you want to fancy up your plate a little, broccolini has a way of making a dish shine. With their long stems and smaller heads, they add a little more of an elegant look to a plate.

5. Bread and butter

Keep it simple with just bread and butter. Any kind of bread works. A nice crusty French baguette, soft dinner roll, or a classic slice of white bread.

Slather some butter on your bread and call it a meal. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

Dip your bread in some of the red sauce and you will see why bread and butter are great served with meat or vegetarian lasagna.

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