About Bob

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This website is the place to learn how to be the best cooks we can be. We are going to cover the skills and techniques to help you crush it in the kitchen. Home Cook Basics is so much more than delicious recipes, it’s learning the “how” and “why” so that you won’t need to rely on recipes!

If you’re a beginner at cooking and you really don’t know where to start, I am hoping that I will be able to provide you with a path to creating your own delicious food.

So, what about Bob?

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Hey, how is it going my name is Bob the author of Home Cook Basics and I am a food blogger and video creator.

I have a passion for food and cooking. I have always loved being around the grill and in the kitchen even at a young age and I always like trying different foods.

I have the desire to understand all the “Why’s” with cooking and I am always searching for the best flavors and techniques.

Unless you are incredibly wealthy and have a private chef, you can not eat healthy unless you are cooking and preparing your own food.

I am also a video creator on my Youtube Channel.

Cooking Expertise

Own and operate multiple food blogs and I’m a recipe creator. I also have a Cooking Basics Course all about learning how to cook.

So Why Home Cook Basics?

I spent years eating all kinds of food with no focus on what I was actually eating. As I got older I started to feel that what I was eating was actually affecting me and how I felt.

I noticed I was gaining weight. I started to notice a loss of energy or after eating foods that were processed I would feel bloated and lethargic. I started to realize I couldn’t just eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted anymore.

So I started to do research and learn about what I was actually eating and what was in the foods I was eating. I was shocked… and terrified about what is going on with the food we eat.

I actually got pissed! I felt like I was led astray. You see the long and short of the food that is out there is, it is not really food. It is full of sugar and all kinds of things that we should not be eating. It is a story of greed and money from people and governments… I will stop there because I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.

I decided to go all in and eat healthy. I read the book Plant Paradox by Dr Gundry and I followed it to a T. Eating for about 10 months the way it was described in the book I lost 35-40 lbs and felt amazing. I would describe the way I felt as ninja-like.

This way of eating is a lot like the Keto diet and cuts out sugars, all processed foods and anything with lectins in it. Do I agree with everything in this book or follow it all? No. But it opened my eyes to “REAL” food.

This put a spark in my life to learn more about food and what it does to our bodies. It has inspired me to cook and prepare my own food.

Do I always eat healthy foods…NO, but the majority of the time, Yes! You see, just cooking and preparing your own foods puts you way ahead of the game rather than buying processed foods or eating out.

You develop a taste for good food. You actually start to crave better food rather than the junk you are used to.

Cooking your own food all the time is a lifestyle. Is it easy? No, not always, but I promise you it is rewarding.

So join me on this journey as we discover what food is and how to prepare it. The flavor is the ticket to creating your own dishes and understanding food and taste without being dependent on recipes!

Sincerely, Bob