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Creole Mustard Substitute

Depending on the recipe you are making you can use a few different mustards as substitutes for creole mustard. Not many people have creole mustard in their pantry but that’s ok!

I have got you covered!

Creole mustard is described as spicy, coarse-textured mustard that originates from New Orleans.

It is made using whole brown and black mustard seeds which are soaked in white vinegar to bring out that spicy taste.

There are a few different substitutes that you can use in place of creole mustard so do not fret if your recipe calls for it and you do not have it cause chances are you have one of these!

Wooden scoop with mustard seeds and two small bowls on a counter. One with creole mustard and one with brown mustard.

The best substitutes for creole mustard

When trying to decide what mustard to use in place of creole mustard what you choose will depend on what you are trying to replicate in your recipe. Are you looking for the spice or more the texture?

Creole mustard is often used as a marinade, dipping sauce, sandwich spread, dressing, and so many more things.

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Whole grain mustard

Most often you are looking for the texture and spice of the creole mustard which makes whole grain mustard a great substitute.

Whole grain mustard is similar to creole mustard as they are both spicy and have mustard seeds mixed into the mustard adding that strong pungent taste.

Creole mustard uses coarsely ground seeds whereas whole-grain mustard speaks its name and uses whole seeds.

Whole grain mustard tends to be spicier and richer in flavor and has a thicker consistency. With their similarities, whole grain mustard is a great substitute for creole mustard.

Dijon mustard

Dijon mustard is common mustard that a lot of people have already in their pantry. It’s got a good spicy kick to it just as you will find in creole mustard.

However, Dijon mustard is smooth in texture and is made by soaking the seeds in white wine rather than white vinegar. It still has that strong mustard flavor because the seeds are finely ground and add more spice.

So as they are both spicy one is smooth and one is coarse but if all you want is the spice, this will work just fine as a substitute for creole mustard.

Spicy brown mustard

A good substitute for creole mustard is the ever-popular spicy brown mustard. Both are made by soaking in vinegar to start, and both have horseradish in their ingredients which add to the heat of their spice.

They are also similar in texture where creole and spicy brown mustard both have ground-up mustard seeds giving them a gritty texture.

Spicy brown mustard isn’t as spicy as it lacks quite a few of the spices used to make creole mustard but the horseradish does give it quite a bite.

Stoneground mustard

Like the Creole mustard, the stoneground mustard has coarsely ground mustard seeds mixed into the mustard giving it a spicer taste.

The stoneground mustard has chunkier seeds in it compared to creole.

Stoneground mustard is a great substitute for creole mustard because of its texture and spice. A great alternative to use for spreads on sandwiches or as a condiment on a sausage or hotdog.

Hot mustard (Chinese)

Looking for the spicy hot alternative to creole mustard?

Then Chinese hot mustard might be just what you need. It is made using brown mustard seeds which are hotter or spicier than black or white mustard seeds.

It doesn’t have the sweetness that creole mustard offers from molasses or brown sugar or the texture from ground-up seeds but the spiciness will make your eyes water and clear your sinus’ for sure.

Similarities to creole mustard

Creole mustardGround seedSpicy
Whole grain mustardWhole seedSpicy
Dijon mustardSmoothMild spicy
Spicy brown mustardSmoothPungent Spicy
Stoneground mustardGround seedsHot & Spicy
Hot mustard (Chinese)SmoothSuper Hot & Spicy

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