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How To Freeze Pizza

We’ve all been there: you order a pizza, indulge in a few mouthwatering slices, but can’t quite manage to finish it all.

Now, you’re left with half a pizza and the dilemma of what to do with the leftovers. There’s a simple solution that can help you avoid waste and provide a tasty snack for later – freezing your pizza! Yes, that’s right.

You can store those leftovers in the freezer and reheat them when you’re ready, retaining much of their original flavor and texture. Here’s your step-by-step guide on how to freeze and reheat pizza like a pro.

Freshly cooked pepperoni pizza with fresh basil leaves.

To freeze pizza, allow it to cool, wrap each slice in plastic wrap and aluminum foil or use a freezer-safe container. It can be stored frozen for 1-2 months. To reheat, bake at 375°F (190°C) until the cheese is bubbling.

How To Freeze Pizza

Before you throw your remaining slices into the freezer, you need to ensure that they’re prepped properly. Freezing pizza correctly is crucial to maintain its texture, flavor, and overall quality.

Cool Down

First and foremost, let your pizza cool down at room temperature. However, don’t leave it sitting out for more than two hours to avoid any food safety concerns.

Check out my post on how long pizza can sit out to learn more about why it shouldn’t be left out longer than two hours.

Wrap it Up

Once the pizza has cooled, wrap each slice individually. Wrapping each piece will help to keep it fresh and prevent it from absorbing odors from other items in your freezer or worse, sticking to each other.

Use high-quality plastic wrap, then add an extra layer of aluminum foil for extra protection.

Not all pizzas are created equal, and the freezing process might slightly vary depending on the type of pizza you have. Here’s a handy guide for you:

Type of PizzaSpecial Instructions
Thin CrustNo special instruction. Just follow the basic steps.
Deep DishBecause of its thickness, make sure it’s cooled thoroughly before freezing.
Stuffed CrustConsider separating the crust and the rest of the slice before freezing, as the stuffed crust can become soggy.

How To Freeze Homemade Pizza Dough and Sauce

If you’ve got a bit of a chef inside you, chances are you’ll have some homemade pizza dough and sauce left over after your pizza-making extravaganza. Here’s how you can freeze both:

Pizza Dough

  1. After kneading the dough, divide it into the sizes you typically use for one pizza.
  2. Form each portion into a ball, and lightly coat it with oil to prevent it from drying out.
  3. Wrap each ball tightly in plastic wrap, then foil or place it in a resealable freezer bag.

Pizza Sauce

  1. Let the sauce cool completely.
  2. Pour into freezer-safe containers, leaving some space at the top as the sauce will expand when frozen.
  3. Seal tightly and label with the date.

For some great ideas on topping combinations for your homemade pizza, check out these top 20!

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Freeze Pizza

If properly frozen and reheated, the taste of pizza is minimally affected. The key is to wrap the slices properly before freezing and reheat them correctly.

For safety and quality reasons, it’s not recommended to repeatedly freeze and thaw pizza. Thaw only the amount you plan to eat to maintain the best quality and safety.

Yes, homemade pizza dough freezes exceptionally well. After kneading, divide it into usable portions, lightly coat it with oil, wrap it in plastic wrap, and store it in a resealable freezer bag.


So there you have it, a complete guide on how to freeze pizza and bring it back to its original glory! So the next time you have leftover pizza, think twice before considering it a waste.

Properly freezing your slices ensures that you can enjoy a bite of pizza anytime you want. With a little preparation and a bit of patience, you can transform your pizza-eating experience.

Freshly cooked pepperoni pizza with fresh basil leaves.

How to freeze pizza

Extend the life of your pizza by preserving leftovers in the freezer! With proper wrapping and storage techniques, you can enjoy your pizza later without sacrificing taste and texture.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Freezing time 2 hours
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  • Freezer-safe containers or resealable freezer bags
  • Aluminum foil
  • Plastic wrap


  • Pizza


  • Allow your leftover pizza to cool to room temperature.
  • Wrap each individual slice in plastic wrap.
  • For added protection, wrap each plastic-covered slice in aluminum foil.
  • Place the wrapped slices in a freezer-safe container or resealable freezer bag.
  • Freeze your pizza. You can store your slices for up to 1-2 months for optimal flavor.
  • When you're ready to enjoy your pizza, thaw it in the refrigerator for 12 hours if time allows.
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