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How To Store Green Onions

Green onions are so versatile for an onion. Not only do they add great flavor to a dish but they also add color and are great used as a garnish on a dish as well.

Green onions are grown from a bulb underground and the chutes grow above ground. They offer a nice fresh mild onion bite.

Knowing just how to store them can be tricky as they are not going to be stored the same as a white or red onion. Green onions are best stored best on the counter or in the fridge.

I’m going to go over the steps it takes to keep your green onions lasting and just where and how to store them.

Best ways to store green onions


To store green onions, trim the roots and the bottom inch of the green stalks. Stand the green onions upright in a glass of water, with the roots submerged. Cover the glass with plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

Bunches of green onions laying next to each other

Let me start by clarifying that green onions and scallions are the same things! You are not alone in being confused as to what the difference is.

So if you are standing there at the grocery store looking everywhere for green onions and see what you think are green onions only to see the tag that says scallions, don’t worry!

The key to storing green onions is keeping the environment that they are in humid without too much moisture. If they get too much moisture it will cause them to wilt and get soggy.

If you are a big green onion fan learn how to cut green onions. You should also consider if you want to use chives in your next recipe, I cover this topic in chives vs green onions.

Direct sunlight on a windowsill

The best place to keep your green onions staying fresh is on the windowsill. All you need is a jar and a little bit of water.

Place the root end down in the jar and add about two inches of cold or room temperature water, just enough to cover the white roots. The direct sunlight and water will not only keep them fresh but keep them growing.

Change out the water every other day to keep them lasting longer. Simply dump out the water that is in the jar and then add in another inch or two of fresh cold or room-temperature water.

Using this method will allow you to just cut off what you need from the onions and they will continue to grow. Like having a little onion garden right on your windowsill.


There are a couple of ways that you can store green onions in the fridge and keep them lasting a few days to a week. All you need is a jar, a produce bag, and a paper towel.

Now, what about the freezer? I have an entire post on how to freeze green onions.

Store in a jar

Just like if you were storing your green onions on the windowsill you want o place your green onions root end in the jar.

Before you put them into the jar, wet a paper towel and then ring out the excess water.

Wrap the root ends loosely with the wet paper towel and place them root down into the jar. Then you will want to cover the green part of the onions with a produce bag.

You don’t want to seal them in just drape the bag over them.

This will help to keep the green onions moist without overdoing it. It is important to give moisture to the root ends while keeping the green chutes dry so that they can stay firm.

Store in a bag

You can also loosely wrap the ends of the green onions in a moistened paper towel and then place the whole onion into a Ziploc bag or produce bag.

This will keep moisture on the roots and give humidity to the green part of the onions.

When storing green onions in a bag the best place for them in the fridge is going to be in the crisper drawer when there is less moisture and will therefore keep the onions from getting limp.

Should you wash green onions before storing them?

Green onions are often used in salads, sandwiches, and other dishes. They are consumed raw most of the time and often go bad before they can be used up.

Many people believe that green onions should be washed before storing them in the refrigerator. This is not true because washing them will cause them to dry out faster.

How Long Do Green Onions Last in the Fridge?

Green onions (also called green onion, spring onion, or scallion) are the most common type of onion found in American homes.

These vegetables are usually harvested before they mature and can be stored for up to two weeks in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator.

Frequently asked questions about how to store green onions

Yes, you can freeze green onions. To freeze green onions, chop them into small pieces and place them in a freezer-safe bag or container. Frozen green onions will last for up to 6 months.

Storing green onions properly will help them last longer and retain their flavor. This will save you money and time, as you will not have to buy new green onions as often.

If you freeze green onions for too long, they will start to lose their flavor and texture. They may also become mushy or discolored.


In conclusion, properly storing green onions can significantly extend their shelf life, ensuring you always have this vibrant, flavorful ingredient on hand.

Whether you’re keeping them in the fridge or freezing them for long-term storage, these methods are simple yet effective.

With these strategies, you can minimize waste, save money, and make the most of your green onions in a myriad of delightful recipes.

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