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How to tell if carrots are bad

Carrots are a must-have in any kitchen. So many recipes call for the sweet taste and bright orange color that they add to many dishes. You might have noticed, most times carrots don’t come with a “Use by” date.

This is because carrots will range greatly within the same package and how fresh they are. Some carrots are thick and hearty and others are slim and bendy.

It also depends greatly on how you store your carrots. So, how can you tell if carrots are bad?

How the carrots feel

Carrots that have gone bad will get slimy or mushy. This also makes them less than appetizing so I can bet, you will know that you shouldn’t eat your carrots if they look this way.

They should have a clean crisp feel to them. They should also be very stiff and not flexible. You don’t want them to bend all over the place.

How the carrots look

Another sign that your carrots have gone bad is if you see what they call a “white blush“. The skin on the carrots starts to look whitish.

This is a sign that your carrots are spoiling and starting to dry out.

You are looking for vibrant full color to the carrot. So if the carrot is orange or you have some of those colorful purple and yellow carrots, they should look healthy and bright.

If they are rotting this is a sure sign that the carrots have gone bad.

How the carrots smell

Now, baby carrots are a little bit different as they don’t have protective skin on them. These might come with an expiration date on the package.

If they don’t, you can tell that they have gone bad by their smell and appearance.

Baby carrots that have gone bad will have a bad smell to them and also start turning white like regular carrots or become slimy. You will want to throw them out if any of these is true.

How to properly store carrots

Carrots don’t have to be stored in the fridge. However, storing them in the refrigerator will keep them fresh longer. One of the best ways is to freeze carrots.

Carrots that are stored in the fridge will last you 2-3 months if stored properly. It is important to keep them dry, wrap them loosely in a paper towel to keep the moisture away from them.

If you prefer not to refrigerate them you’ll want to make sure that they are store stored in a dark, dry place that is cool. Unwashed, unpeeled carrots will last 7-10 days if stored correctly.

If your carrots are good then you good to go, I have a great recipe for sauteed carrots that you are going to love.

If your carrots are getting floppy then most likely they are not being stored correctly. Soft or rubbery carrots are ok to eat but they might not be as tasty.

If they are slimy, mushy, or have black spots on them, then they would not be safe to eat. Storing them correctly is key to making sure they last longer, stay crisp and bright in color.

Carrots that have become slimy have gone bad. They are no longer safe to eat. Usually, it is because they weren’t stored well or they were left for too long in the fridge.

Condensation gets stuck in the bag and carrots will get absorb too much moisture and start rotting which is what causes the slime on them.

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